Channel X

Channel X is a membership-based media exchange for public media producers and broadcasters. We are making it easier than ever to share great video and audio content with just a few clicks. Trial memberships are free for 30 days; afterwards, an annual fee is required. Learn more at


About Us

Channel X makes it possible for public media to discover and exchange new, non-traditional and inspiring stories within an easy-to-use online marketplace. Our vision is to simplify the process of getting independent local and regional content flowing through public media channels by providing a persistent and accessible platform.

Broadcasters and public media content providers can diversify core program offerings with news content, as well as independent film and music performances. Channel X’s cloud-based platform supports the delivery of large video files (for broadcast), digital download, closed caption file exchange and streaming content on our digital player. “One-stop-shop” licensing makes acquiring programming much quicker – and producers have the power to download individual files or full multimedia packages.

Content providers can share their programs with an ever-wider audience of public media broadcasters, while our innovative licensing platform allows them to dictate their own terms, track activity and receive payment electronically.

Channel X is grateful for the generous support from the MacArthur Foundation, the Wyncote Foundation and the Knight Foundation. Channel X is a service of the Public Media Company, a national nonprofit that organizes strategic partnerships and delivers solutions that increase public media’s impact in their communities.

Channel X memberships are free for the first 30 days; afterwards, an annual fee is required. Learn more at

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Alison Scholly, Executive Director, Channel X; Managing Director Public Media Company

Alison Scholly has spent +20 years in entrepreneurial roles in digital media and emerging media forms. Currently, she is Managing Director for Public Media Company, a national non-profit strategic consulting company fostering innovation and sustainability with in public media. Her specialty is in creating implementing digital media products that generate audience, revenue and impact. As Executive Director of Channel X, Alison is responsible for the expansion of the service among public media and its contributors.

Prior to joining Public Media Company, Alison was Chief Operating Officer and interim CEO of Chicago Public Media, leading a team of 135 employees and architecting WBEZ’s rapid digital expansion, which included podcasts, national shows This American Life, Sound Opinions and Alison also held several media leadership roles at Tribune Company, most recently serving as Interactive Vice President of the Chicago Tribune, expanding Tribune’s digital business and tripling audience reach to 5.1 million unique visitors a month. Alison holds a graduate degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, and she also served as executive producer of Chicago and editor of Metromix, Chicago’s first online arts and entertainment website.

Cliff Hahn, Digital Producer, Channel X

A cross-functional Web producer and national news online editor who specializes in social media, Cliff handles the day-to-day production duties for Channel X.

Prior to joining Channel X, Cliff was senior producer for Yahoo! News, in addition to launching the Yahoo/Starbucks Digital Network, an innovative news and entertainment channel available in Starbucks stores nationwide, offering content from more than 20 media partners like The New York Times, ESPN, The Wall Street Journal and Marvel Entertainment. Cliff has also worked as a digital producer for News in Sydney, Australia and in New York, focusing on technology, lifestyle and small business.

Hannah Eaves, Digital and Product Director, Channel X

Hannah Eaves is a digital innovation strategist who works with media companies and foundations to increase their impact. Recent projects have encompassed product design and development, startup accelerator research and program design, and media impact measurement. Her current and past clients include Public Media Company, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Knight Foundation, Matter Ventures, and CUNY.

Erin Moran, President, Public Media Company

Erin Moran Erin Moran is a nonprofit leader with a longstanding passion for building innovative and sustainable enterprises. With more than three decades of advisory and financial oversight roles, Erin brings extensive experience as a key consultant to many growing nonprofits in public media.

Erin focuses her time on forging new partnerships and initiatives to build the overall growth and sustainability of public media, advising public and independent media on the financial and operational steps to executing strategic initiatives, and educating advocates about the unique role that Public Media Company plays in keeping public media strong.