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Channel X is a membership-based media exchange for public media producers and broadcasters. We are making it easier than ever to share great video and audio content with just a few clicks. Trial memberships are free for 30 days; afterwards, an annual fee is required. Learn more at

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Channel X is a project of Public Media Company, a nonprofit organization dedicated to innovation and the future of public media. Channel X enables content creators to upload content for review and acquisition by public media broadcasters. Our vision is to simplify the process of getting independent local and regional content flowing through public media channels by providing a persistent and accessible platform. With the generous support of the Wyncote Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, and the Knight Foundation, Channel X makes it possible for public broadcasting to discover new, non-traditional and inspiring stories. Channel X memberships are free for the first 30 days; afterwards, an annual fee is required. Learn more at
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How it works

To learn more about using Channel X, please visit our How To page.

Content Submission

We require all content creators to go through a brief credentialing process. Once approved, content creators can upload broadcast quality files in H264 or MPEG-2 formats. Preview versions of these files are made available on the platform for viewing by accredited broadcasters.


All Broadcaster accounts are vetted to ensure that only registered members are able to view content.


Content creators are able to assign multiple licenses to their content. For example, they may wish to allow PBS member stations to air their program for 30 days for free, but offer a 2-year window with streaming and download rights for a licensing fee. Broadcasters can browse content by rights availability.

View a blank copy of the complete distribution agreement showing all options.

Revenue Split

Content producers receive 90% of the licensing fee, with Channel X reserving 10% to cover costs such as bandwidth, hosting and site maintenance. There is no charge to producers for content being distributed for free through Channel X.

How To Use Channel X

To learn more about using Channel X, please visit our How To page.


On content submission, producers are required to enter pertinent banking information. This information is stored securely by Swipe, a leading payment processing service. When content is purchased, the broadcaster will have to enter credit card information. Payment will be made to the content producer on the day of the acquisition.


High quality broadcast files are delivered to the broadcaster the moment they license a program. If these files are not of high enough quality, the broadcaster and content producer are connected via email and can coordinate delivery through traditional means.


Information on programs being offered, sales, and acquisitions is available on member profile pages.


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Channel X is a service of Public Media Company, a non-profit institution committed to fostering innovative and sustainable public media growth. For more information on Public Media Company, please visit